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Logan Schaub and Emily Sanchez

Throughout the Duration of this project community members expressed a need for more competent healthcare systems in North Minneapolis. Research from CDC Places and the Census Bureau American Community Survey show North Minneapolis as a high risk area for mental health issues. While there are some existing mental health resources in the area, many of them have inaccessible hours, and more than 10% of the community does not have health insurance, preventing community members from accessing the care they need. As a solution to reduce stigma around mental health, while providing culturally competent care for young women in North Minneapolis we have fostered the North Minneapolis Women’s Wellness Center. Our Wellness Center is situated by the Mississippi River on Broadway and 22nd. The Wellness Center provides spaces for therapy, fitness, childcare, art, and socializing. By mixing healthcare along with community space, the center reduces the stigma of getting help.
With reduced stigma surrounding mental healthcare, the women of North Minneapolis can begin to get the help they need, in an environment that fosters expression of self, and celebrates culture and community.

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