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Maria Berg

The Destination: Northside project creates cultural nodes celebrating life on Broadway Avenue, working with Open Streets Minneapolis and Juxtaposition Arts to change the legacies built by racist policies and police and gang violence through grassroots efforts. This urban design proposal draws inspiration from said organizations to disrupt cycles of disinvestment and disengagement on the Northside.
With the blue-line light rail extension, Broadway Avenue will prioritize pedestrians, bikes, and public transit systems. The proposed Emerson Station will run adjacent to the Hawthorne Crossings strip mall. The parking lot is a hostile, vehicle centered space, and the proposal develops it into a greenspace with various activities: an amphitheater, basketball court, walking paths, public square, and permanent market. Greenspace has been studied as a positive force in reducing violence and healing psychological trauma. Small business development leveraged by the market services residents and visitors alike, creating a destination hub modeled after Boxville Market in Chicago.
As a permanent redevelopment, priority is given to giving agency to residents of Hawthorne. The flexible nature of the design provides space for the community to make it their own. Although this design focuses on Emerson Station, this model can also be adapted to other stations on the Northside.

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light rail stations
bus lines
Hawthorne crossings

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