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Anukriti Misra

Crime and violence exists everywhere in the world. The amount and frequency might vary but the fact that certain people choose violence over peace raises a deeper question of thought pattern of people and the emotions which control their actions. Emotions of a person is guided by an endless list of factors such as life experiences, people they are surrounded by, the content they choose to consume, the stressors of their lives and so on.
The project aims at exploring the root cause of conflicts amongst people and determining the reason for a person to choose violence at an individual level. There are broadly three stages of conflict; pre, during and post. The ‘pre’ stage corresponds to the building up of stress and anger within a person over a long period of time. Since this takes longer to develop, the solution is a long term process as well. The ‘During’ phase is when a person is at their peak anger level and their ability to differentiate between right and wrong is fogged. The reaction is guided by impulse, which subsides sooner than core values accumulated over time. Therefore, the solution for this is immediate and short-term to de-escalate the situation. The ‘Post’ phase is when the conflict is either resolved or escalated and the person has to live with the consequences. This could mean co-existing with the person of conflict. The conflicting emotions felt by a person might need to be resolved using calming techniques to reduce impulsive reactions.

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Minneapolis Crime rate
Minneapolis current built form
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