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Cassidy Johnson

The series of modular, public art installations at the N 26th Ave bridge over I-94 in North Minneapolis is developed with the community’s desire to generate a safe, accessible, and beautiful space for celebration.The exploration evolved from the design of a physical space to developing spatial elements that celebrate identity and place in a variety of places. Activating the26th Ave N corridor is an incremental effort to encourage pedestrian and bicycle traffic through the neighborhood and build a sense of familiarity, points of way finding,with structures that induce wonder and movement.Spatial elements form canopies that include spectacle light features, opaque or transparent openings and cradling enclosures. Perforations in the sheet metal forms allow for daylight to permeate, create moving shadows through the day and encourage visibility for the traveler. Colorful artificial lights illuminate the canopy installations in the evening, creating a dynamic experience on a 24-hour cycle.The modular configuration of the installation provides an opportunity for the canopies to trickle throughout the neighborhood and build off the existing infrastructure along N 26th Ave, including the Great Northern Greenway bike path and the Overlook at the edge of the river.This public art proposal aims to support Just City Values of celebrating identity, mobility, and aspiration.

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