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Lauren Finch

North Minneapolis has a very young population in comparison to the rest of the city and state and as a result, there is ample programming for elementary aged youth. However, minimal activities and programs for high school aged students exist within the community. This project serves to provide a space for students to learn, work, and serve their community. Careful consideration was taken when choosing a site for this program. Community members brought to our attention that the Lincoln Junior High School has sat primarily unused since 2007 when it was forced to close due to declining enrollment.
The three-story, 1923 building may be empty, but it is full of potential to be reprogrammed as an asset for the community. This project proposes that a variety of skills and employment opportunities will be taught throughout the first two floors of Lincoln in a Career and Technical Education setting to high school youth and post high school young adults. Additionally, the third floor will provide housing units specifically for youth who have previously been involved in the justice system and they will have access to training and employment on the lower two floors. The overall goal is for the Lincoln School to once again be a place for learning in the community.

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