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Julia Friedrichsen

The Northside neighborhoods are some of the most culturally diverse in the Twin Cities metropolitan area, but due to years of prejudiced methods within design practice, have been significantly underrepresented in urban investments serving their built environment and their quality of life.
After conversations with stakeholders, it was unanimous that the people of North Minneapolis would like to see their neighborhood prosper financially and socially. The community wants to repair areas of crime, and address historic and ongoing violence. Finally, they desire genuine social experiences that are deliberate, and that community members can attend without being forced to leave their neighborhood.
Wealth, Woven is a plan to build a network of business and service investments utilizing the vacant properties of North Minneapolis. This effort to weave additional businesses and services into the urban fabric would help address safety by increasing pedestrian traffic and generate greater local wealth. For this project, wealth is considered as both monetary and non monetary profits. Wealth, Woven is more than a plan for local economic growth; it’s an overdue promotion of local dialogue and a cultivation of opportunities for community participation. This network prioritizes the acknowledgment of contexts [past, current, and future], using them as a foundation for any new ventures.

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