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Destination: Northside
Farview Connections
Green Art Streets

Due to the low level of automobile ownership in North Minneapolis, and the high number of households without a vehicle, providing pleasant and safe pedestrian paths, bicycle routes and public transportation are even more important than in other parts of the city. There is good bus access to the neighborhood. At this time there is no light rail access, although Broadway Avenue is one possible route that may be chosen for the Blue Line.
Historically a center for music, today North Minneapolis is home to outstanding arts organizations such as Capri Theater and Juxtaposition Arts. There is potential to make North Minneapolis an arts destination with collaborative efforts supporting individuals and organizations.
Similarly, there is an opportunity to build on the collective power of the neighborhood organizations.
In the residential parts of the neighborhood there is good tree coverage to support pedestrian and bicycle comfort. However along commercial corridors and in the industrial area next to the river, there is insufficient tree coverage to support summer pedestrian and bike activities, and reduction of air pollution. This includes existing bicycle routes along several important streets.
There is a lack of recreational bike trails in the neighborhood, and interest in developing recreational circuits linking to the river for pedestrians and bicyclists.

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Community art and music centers
Percentage of households without a car

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Transit Shelters
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