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From Industry to Community


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Riverside Masterplan

Replacing the polluting industrial activities with community-based commercial, housing and recreational activities that enhance North Minneapolis is a top priority.
Several of the industries along the river, combined with vehicular emissions from the I-94 Freeway generate large negative health effects on residents of North Minneapolis, as evidenced by the city incidence of asthma. Removing polluting industry is an important first step.
This riverside area is a heat sink due to the lack of trees and vegetation. Another priority is the addition of green space, parkland and recreational areas, already initiated by the 26th Avenue Overlook. The site offers opportunities to create neighborhood investments that support and enhance the existing community, such as housing, business, human services and destination community and recreation activities. Land bridging should connect the Mississippi River to the neighborhood more directly to support bike, walking and vehicular access. Now cut off by properties that abut the river, the area also needs to be connected north and south to the West River Road and adjacent parkland with bicycle and walking paths.

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